Satellite Imagery supporting Elephants in Zambia’s Western Province

GEOTERRAIMAGE, in collaboration with EkoSource Insights, extracted geospatial data and known elephant migration information to provide insights into the elephant population dynamics in Zambia’s Western Province, in the vicinity of Sioma Ngwezi National Park.

The analysis was commissioned by and supplied to REV-UP Ventures and The Center for a Humane Economy, two US-based groups which are collaborating together to design & implement innovative public-private partnerships in support of elephant conservation and sustainable development in Zambia.

Sioma Ngwezi is the third largest National Park in Zambia, located in the South Western corner of Zambia, and is surrounded by a large game management area. The park is mainly covered in woody vegetation and has several wildlife and bird species, although the wildlife numbers are, in some cases, relatively low.

GTI and EkoSource created a conservation reference data library with information derived from modelled satellite imagery that provided valuable statistics to REV-UP and the Center for a Humane Economy, for guidance on the viability and sustainability of their envisioned programming efforts in Zambia’s Western Province.

The reference data library includes information on topography, land surface, land cover, land use, and vegetation patterns. A hydrological resource assessment with surface water information, annual water history, and rainfall data provides the opportunity to evaluate the influence on vegetation growth.

This conservation reference data library is a valuable contributor to assessing the opportunity of increasing the healthy elephant population in Zambia’s Western Province in the vicinity of Sioma Ngwezi, via innovative public-private partnerships, with a goal of enhancing conservation and biodiversity in Zambia. 

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