Proudly launching traffic data information linked to the NLI®©

GEOTERRAIMAGE  proudly launches traffic data information linked to the NLI®©

The power of big data allowed GEOTERRAIMAGE to launch another innovative product with specialized intelligence on road user numbers and associated income profiles.

The GEOTERRAIMAGE Road User Profile dataset provides valuable insight into the road user profile and allows for road flow traffic analysis. The dataset provides an overview of traffic flow over time. It enables a user to identify the number of private vehicles on a selected road during any specific time while travelling from home to school, to work, to shop, to play. 

The dataset also enhances the road user profile by integrating consumer income information from the unique GEOTERRAIMAGE Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI®©). The NLI®© is an income-based segmented classification, classifying neighbourhoods according to their income and various lifestyle characteristics. This information is available for all the Metros and major towns throughout South Africa.

“What is now proved was once only imagined.” –William Blake

Traffic index with the approximate number of vehicles on a single road illustrating the road user profile and breakdown of traffic volumes over time

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