Over 28 million buildings mapped and classified in South Africa

GEOTERRAIMAGE  is proud to announce the 2022 release of the Building Based Land Use©™ proprietary data product.

Through actively leveraging modern technology, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the latest release for South Africa contains 28 million buildings classified to a 90-class classification scheme.

The 2022 release also contains, for the first time, an index with a building square meter range. The Building Based Land Use©™ product was first release in 2004 (although the data goes back as far as 1990), and has since become the backbone for understanding our urban and rural landscape.

Our resourceful clients have used the Building Based Land Use©™ data for demand modelling, population studies, medical research, service delivery planning, etc., in both the public and commercial sectors. This new release makes even more applications possible. 

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