New Water Management Dashboard by  Geoterra360 & EkoSource Insights

New water management dashboard by GEOTERRA360 and EkoSource Insights

WaterSphere360 is a unique water resource monitoring platform that provides monthly updates of decision-ready information in direct support of sustainable water resource management and climate risk mitigation activities.

Water is a critical and scarce resource in many areas globally and is likely to become even more so as the regional impacts of global climate change become more self-evident. Successful management of such a scarce but vital resource is critically dependent on the availability of accurate, regular, informative, and reliable information.


With WaterSphere360 we provide a first-of-its-kind, unique globally applicable information service that offers water resource managers and water-use communities easy-to-access, and up-to-date intelligence, every month, on the status of available water resources. The service operates using satellite-only inputs, without the need for ground-data support or inputs, making it highly scalable and agile in terms of global application and speed of service implementation.


This unique service produces invaluable intelligence on the location and volumetric quantification of surface water resources, complimented by water quality, precipitation, vegetation stress, and groundwater status indicators. Enabling historical, current, and future water resource conditions and associated drought risk to be determined, monitored, and predicted within a single, integrated service.

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