GeoFarmer Platform Takes a Closer Look at Crop Health – Now available in High Resolution

Wildfires in South Africa remain a growing concern, with several reports of incidents where fires destroyed large areas of grazing land and caused damage to infrastructure during the past winter for the summer rainfall region in South Africa.

A three-year period of above-average rainfall due to La Niña conditions resulted in abundant growth in natural vegetation that created high levels of fuel load which caused high incidents of fires.

The combination of a dry winter period and excessive dry biomass created ideal conditions for fires, creating perfect conditions for uncontrollable blazes, resulting in the scorching of extensive areas.

Evaluating the damage to properties and agricultural lands for insurance claims has proven to be a challenging task. GEOTERRAIMAGE developed the GeoFarmer Fire Monitoring Dashboard using Earth Observation Technology for regular assessment of fire burn scars. The dashboard shows daily fire occurrences, reports on area burned per magisterial districts, and the location and extent of fires on a farm portion level.

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