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At GEOTERRAIMAGE identifies market needs and opportunities through geo-enabled data analysis of current trends, demographics, human migration patterns, urban expansion, landscape changes and urban characteristics, all elements essential to market research studies.

The question on the market research community’s lips should be: “How can we, as an industry, utilise the accessible technologies to overcome the challenges the 21st century’s dynamic environment presents?”-To provide evidence based, actionable guidance and research to assist governments, businesses and societies in their decision-making processes.

GEOTERRAIMAGE supports the Market Research industry and their objectives through the development of disruptive solutions. Taking into consideration the pace of our everchanging environment, we’ve managed to create industry specific solutions by asking our clients the right questions. Our user-friendly, integrated solutions, combined with near real-time information allows users to qualify, quantify and monitor information at rapid pace, while saving costs.

Neighborhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©)

Understanding your consumers is key to ensuring your products and services meet their needs. Through the Neighborhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©) we provide various industries with the tools to not only identify, analyse and understand their target market or potential consumer base, but also to compare and analyse neighbourhoods, their competitors or their existing sites.

Development & Expansion Insights

With our monthly New Developments© insights, GEOTERRAIMAGE aids market researchers to understand where new housing, commercial or industrial sites are being erected. This allows industries to
plan ahead and ensure that future service delivery demands will be met, as areas expand
or develop.
The New Developments© not only answers where, but also what the impact will be of all current earth works and expansions on the surrounding environment. Information on developing areas are crucial to industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications and education.

Urban Dynamics- Building Census

GEOTERRAIMAGE specializes in providing current, consistent and comparable information and decision support services on the ever-changing urban environment. By strategically and continuously identifying, mapping and classifying every single building in South Africa, we provide the market research industry with a national inventory of every building, at a micro level.
Our unique 84 class classification describes the Land Use type of approximately 16 Million building structures across South Africa. Annual updates provide the cutting-edge factor, as sectors are able to keep tract of urban, regional and rural development, stagnation and declines.

Location Information

Optimise workforce efficiency while saving time and money with our products and solutions, uniquely
formulated with the Market Research industry in mind. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides researchers access to the
most up-to-date address information, as verified data forms the foundation of any research project.
GEOTERRAIMAGE provides researchers access to the most up-to-date address information. This unique
information ensures precise sample point location by providing the latitude and longitude coordinates for each
sampling unit., as well as the land use classification.

Advanced Population Dynamics

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides researchers with insights to understanding the demand for products, services and
infrastructure within an area. Through integrating various information sources, we ensure our population
estimates relate to current environmental dynamics, thus offering the most up-to-date, relevant and consistent
The GEOTERRAIMAGE day-time population information is designed to provide insight into the working and
residual population in an area during the day, whereas the national census information (night-time population)
is essentially a night-time survey, indicating where people reside.


To account for the dynamics of urban growth and the heterogeneous nature of society the market researchers
requires current, comparable and consistent demographic information. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides insights to the current demographic distribution per enumeration area (EA) in terms Age, Race and Gender, as well as the dominant in each of these categories.
We provide fundamental demographic insights to support a better research project and conclusion while improving the quality of your survey for more accurate results.

Roads & Amenities

Being able to analyse the accessibility of a research or sampling area allows the Market Research industry to
evaluate the area in terms of dynamics that influence or restrict the collection of sample data or insights.
GEOTERRAIMAGE provides the Market Research industry with a comprehensive inventory of location points for Points of interest, for example Restaurants, retail stores, and grocery stores. Through the use of our amenity location insights users are able to identify major areas of commerce,
residential or commercial areas to name a few.

Smart Traffic Insights

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides smart transportation insight to support locational decisions throughout the market
research sectors. By combining various information sources we’re able to create a picture of Traffic Flow, Road User Profile and Vehicle Profile per road segments, key elements in understanding area mobility and population movement.
GEOTERRAIMAGE provides key insights to support the sector in understanding the nature and purpose these movements as they directly impact the accessibility of communities to amenities and opportunities.

Sampling Frame

An updated database of population and demographic information is key to successful research, studies and surveys. Through the most up-to-date sampling frame available, GEOTERRAIMAGE allows users across all market segments to make timely decisions whilst minimising risk.
We provide a comprehensive set of key variables including number of households, population, residential night time population & estimated daytime working population, demographics, Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index®©
(NLI™©) and geographic type e.g. metro, urban, rural. Annual updates to keep track of urban, regional and rural growth as well as decline, assisting users to in successfully aligning your survey and marketing strategy to your target market.

Survey Sampler

Gathering information about consumers’ needs and preferences forms the foundation of any consumer centric industry. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides users access to relevant, consistent and comparable information through Survey Sampler™©, the innovative web-based solution to manage their sampling process anytime, anywhere.
A market research survey can help you understand several aspects of your target market, thus allowing you to improve the quality of your decisions. With GEOTERRAIMAGE ‘s unique datasets and expert knowledge, we provide the market research industry with national, up-to-date, industry specific insights and solutions.

Understanding Township Dynamics

By strategically and continuously identifying, mapping and classifying township areas, we provide the market research industry with a holistic view of township areas across South Africa. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides fundamental insights to better locate township areas, as well as understanding and quantifying growth within township areas between 1994 and 2001.
Being able to strategically locate township areas at Enumeration Area (EA) level, allows researchers to improve the quality of their survey for more accurate results, which in turn provides insights to the demand for products and services in this ever-changing complex environment.

Neighborhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©)- Share of Wallet

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides businesses with a competitive edge by staying abreast of consumer preferences and spending patterns. The Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index™© (NLI+™©)- Share of wallet provides arealevel aggregated credit characteristics that highlight consumer risk profiles.
Attributes include credit activity across industries, credit limits & balances, bureau expenses & monthly instalments, average credit risk score, predicted- & disposable income, credit product basket and affordability amongst others. These valuable insights allow researchers to better understand consumers’ exposure and behavior in the credit market.

Neighborhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©)- Consumer Behaviour

Understanding your consumer’s behavior in terms of brand loyalty, preferred retailer and shopping frequency, to name a few, are all crucial variables to identify opportunities and analyse current trends. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides the market research industry access to the richest shopper profile in South Africa.
The Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index™© (NLI+™©)- Consumer Behavior aids in understand the decisions and actions that influence consumers’ purchasing behavior. It offers insights through interviewing 15,000 adult consumers annually, measuring 8,000+ brands across, 19 sectors which intelligently integrates lifestyle, media and demographic insights- comprehensive insights to ensuring your products and services meet consumer’s needs.

Market Research Insights for Africa

Africa is often troubled by the accessibility, relevancy and recency of available data and data sources which emphasizes the variety of challenges experienced by the market research industry. For a holistic view and across-the-board market advantages, the research community requires reliant, comparable, quantifiable information to continue investing in research, investing in brands, investing in Africa.
GEOTERRAIMAGE provides an agile solution to integrated, relevant information and knowledge for Africa- consistent, repeatable and reliable data generation and solutions.
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