GEOTERRAIMAGE launches a Solar Analytics Dataset in Collaboration with SAPVIA

GEOTERRAIMAGE announced the launch of the first-ever National Solar Power Analytics Dataset, utilising spatial technology to provide insights into solar panel locations with the solar panel size and kilowatt output, location details, and weather influence in a current snapshot of available solar usage.

GEOTERRAIMAGE and The South African Photovoltaic Industry Association (SAPVIA) entered into a collaboration agreement to introduce the Solar Power Analytics Dataset to the market with specific benefits and opportunities for the SAPVIA members.

The Solar Power Analytics Dataset provides access to a wealth of data on the current and potential use of solar panels in South Africa that will assist National and Local Governments, Private Institutions, Research and Development Organizations, Investors, and Financial Institutions to help understand the dynamics of solar usage in Southern Africa.  Statistics provided by the dataset are crucial for informed decision-making, accurate and strategic planning, forecasting, and impact analysis. 

In collaboration with Vox Weather, GEOTERRAIMAGE included weather prediction for up to a week in the dataset to highlight and monitor the effect of the weather on the solar output.

The GEOTERRAIMAGE Solar Power Analytics Dataset provides the status quo on solar panel installations in South Africa with the following statistics:

  • Solar panel data: Panel size, Number of Panels, Output kW
  • Areas: Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Agricultural & Utility-scale
  • Information levels: Individual households, Enumeration Area (EA), Suburb, Municipal, District, Provincial, and National Boundaries
  • Weather influence on solar panel output: Forecast for up to a week

GEOTERRAIMAGE is excited about the partnership with SAPVIA and the opportunity to monitor the actual growth of solar. Providing updated data on renewable energy will ultimately assist in reducing the current pressure on the electricity grid in South Africa. 

Contact SAPVIA or GEOTERRAIMAGE for further information on the Solar Power Analytics Dataset

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