GEOTERRAIMAGE cares and proudly contributes to conserve the Okavango ecosystem

GEOTERRAIMAGE  cares and proudly contributes to conserve the Okavango ecosystem

GEOTERRAIMAGE , is assisting the Wildlife Bird Trust (WBT) with geospatial solutions for the Lisima Watershed Partnership (LWP) in support of the National Geographic Okavango Wilderness Project (NGOWP). This data will form the basis of the geospatial strategy for the Lisima wetlands.

It is a privilege for GEOTERRAIMAGE to provide strategic conservation plans to preserve the catchment areas that allow the Okavango to exist. The Lisima Watershed Partnership (LWP) is working closely with local communities, Government, and other parties to explore and conserve one of the most critical ecosystems, the water resource wealth of Africa.

GTI provides specialist skills and satellite image data analytics to help develop the landscape information necessary to establish a strategic conservation plan.

Protecting the ecosystem in the Okavango River basin is crucial for the livelihood of the Okavango headwaters and catchment area. Over 21 million people will benefit from the successful conservation of the Lisima landscape. Following an ecosystem approach will ensure the survival of endangered wildlife.

“Water is the driving source of all nature”. Leonardo da Vinci 

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