GEOTERRAIMAGE provides Insights on the Growth of Solar Panel Usage

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides insights on the Growth of Solar Panel Usage

Solar power generation has increased during the past six months as more businesses and households aim to ensure continued operations during load-shedding.

The current status of the total growth percentage of solar panel installations in the City of Tshwane during the past six months, from November/December 2022 to May/June 2023, is approximately 49.3%. This information also indicates the growth of the Solar Industry and the efforts to reduce the cost of energy.

Monitoring solar panel installations and their output kW power will ensure grid stability and assist with a reliable electricity supply.

GeoTerra Image provides the opportunity to monitor Solar market trends accurately throughout Southern Africa and create opportunities to contribute to the transition to a more sustainable energy system, grid stability, and reliable electricity supply.

GTI Non-Residential Solar Use

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