GeoFarmer for wetlands

Wetlands are globally under threat due to extreme climate conditions (drought and floods), groundwater extraction, land use, pollution, and urban development.

GEOFarmer™© provided invaluable information for wetlands in the Grassland and Fynbos Biomes in South Africa to monitor and measure the seasonal and annual fluctuations of these diverse ecosystems.

The platform includes a range of vegetation and moisture indicators and climate variables to monitor and track the health and dynamic evolution of the wetland extent over time.

GEOFarmer™© also offers historical data that tracks plant regeneration trends after disturbances such as wildfires or rehabilitation efforts on a near real-time basis. The graphs and data are invaluable to Scientists and Conservationists in support of preserving wetlands.

The crop monitoring capabilities of the GeoFarmer platform can be used for multiple applications for any crop type, anywhere across the globe.

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