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GEOFarmer selected by Cotton SA

GEOFarmer selected by Cotton SA

The GEOFARMER platform has been selected by Cotton SA to assist in capturing an inventory of smallholder farmers cultivating cotton. Cotton SA represents cotton growers in South Africa and continuously strives to support cotton farmers to improve farm management and...

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Intelligent Target Market Segmentation

Consumer analysis at neighbourhood level is important to ensure the appropriate allocation of products and services to specific outlets. The Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©) provides various industries with supporting tools to identify or analyse specific target markets or potential consumer groups, as well as comparing different neighbourhoods, or analysing existing sites.

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Monthly insights to developing areas

The New Developments© service provides regular updates on urban growth and developments through the detection of construction of new housing, commercial, industrial sites or change in land use. With the New Developments© service, GEOTERRAIMAGE not only provides information on the location of where change occurs, but also quantifies and identifies the possible land use of new urban development or change. This information on developing areas are important to support industries such as healthcare, manufacturing, retail, telecommunications, municipal service delivery and education to plan for future demand and manage operations.

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Actionable intelligence through monthly crop monitoring

GEOTERRAIMAGE has developed the GeoFarmer®© crop indicator service to support the agricultural industry through the provision of relevant, up-to-date and accurate information, to decision makers in an easy to use cloud-based environment.

Several of the indicators within GeoFarmer are ideal monitoring solutions for confirming conservation agriculture/ regenerative agriculture (CA/RA) land management.https://www.cultivatingcarbon.com/carbon-credits

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Intelligent information for water resource management

Water is a critical and scarce resource in southern Africa and is likely to become even more so as the regional impacts of global climate change become more evident. Mzansi Amanzi (Water South Africa), the first of its kind, enables easy access to, accurate information every month about water resources across the entire country.

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Innovative Web-based solution to manage and improve your sampling process

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides users access to relevant, consistent and comparable information through Survey Sampler™©, the innovative web-based solution to manage their sampling process anytime, anywhere.

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Improve your surveys the affordable way with an up-to-date Sampling Frame

An updated database of population and demographic information is key to successful research, studies and surveys. Through the most up-to-date sampling frame available, GEOTERRAIMAGE allows users across all market segments to make timely decisions whilst minimising risk. Aligning your survey and marketing strategy to your target market is now easier than ever with the GTI Sampling Frame.

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Identifying, mapping and classifying all buildings in South Africa

GEOTERRAIMAGE has developed an inventory for all building structures across South Africa, with an associated land use classification scheme scheme which describes each individual building. This information is maintained and updated regularly by continuously identifying, mapping and classifying new buildings. Our unique land use classification combined with regular updates, provides a platform to keep track of developments over time in the ever-changing urban environment.

Providing fundamental demographic insights

GEOTERRAIMAGE provides up to date information on the demographic breakdown of the South African population. This information is available for numerous official statistical boundaries, including enumeration areas (EA) on age, race and gender, as well as the dominant group in each of these categories. The dynamics of urban growth and continuous change along with the heterogeneous nature of society requires current, comparable and consistent demographic information. We provide fundamental demographic insights in support of market analysis, planning surveys, site selection and consumer analysis.

Understanding the demand for products, services and infrastructure within an area

Continuous population growth combined with ever changing and expanding urban and metropolitan areas requires regular updates to keep track of population increase and dynamics. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides current and consistent population estimates through the integration of our spatial datasets in combination with advanced technological procedures. This information provides insights into understanding the demand for products, services and infrastructure within a specific suburb or region. The GEOTERRAIMAGE population dataset consists of a night-time population (indicating where people resides), a day-time residual and working population in an area, as well as an indication of areas with a high population traffic during the day.

GEO Wizard allows users to analyse your current and prospective business markets

The GEO Wizard is an easy to use web interface that allows users the ability to access and analyse the near full range of GEOTERRAIMAGE datasets for their specific area of interest and generate reports. This interface provides users with options to select which datasets are to be included in their own report, to support analysing prospective target markets, business potential and sustainability.

GEO Wizard includes our Building Based Land Use dataset, which forms the foundation of the web platform, as well as advance population insights (night time & daytime working population), demographics (age, race, gender, household count), and the Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index®© (NLI™©).