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GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd aims to provide turn-key services and solutions to empower clients to unleash the power of geospatial data in-order to make informed decisions. A variety of services or products are available to clients in the retail and financial markets, government departments, development sector, marketing research divisions, environmental and agricultural fraternity as well as telecommunications and other technology providers. GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd strives to provide solutions that will save you time and money, based on our vast experience in geospatial projects and the combination of a team with experience in a variety of fields.


At GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd, we understand the need for Location Based Intelligence in planning, decision making and performance measurement. Through our extensive experience we have the ability to assess project requirements and develop a tailor made solution in line with client expectations. Solutions are grouped based on industry types. New innovative solutions are continuously being developed to fulfil emerging requirements. Contact us for more information on how to use geospatial data for your field of operation

Natural Resource Management

Natural resource managers, planners, developers and conservationists all benefit from access to geo-spatial data and analysis. GEOTERRAIMAGE provides professional, map-solution based services in the use of remote sensing technology and geo-spatial data analysis and modelling for natural resource management. Geo-spatial information is generated from a wide variety of satellite and aerial image sources, complimented with both field and ancillary data.

Mapping activities support a wide range of end-user information gathering and analysis needs, to support practical decision making, and include baseline resource determination and quantification, reconnaissance-level mapping and change monitoring studies.

Typical applications include:

  • Conventional “baseline” mapping, for example vegetation and forest cover mapping (including REDD applications), wildfire burnt area delineation, land-cover characterisation and land-cover change and transformation monitoring.
  • Specialised geo-spatial modelling procedures, for example wetland prediction and delineation and automated tree stem counts (in commercial plantations)
  • Integrated spatial modelling in support of legislative processes such as Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA), and legislative Acts such as the NEMA, NEMBA and NWA(1994).

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