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GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd aims to provide turn-key services and solutions to empower clients to unleash the power of geospatial data in-order to make informed decisions. A variety of services or products are available to clients in the retail and financial markets, government departments, development sector, marketing research divisions, environmental and agricultural fraternity as well as telecommunications and other technology providers. GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd strives to provide solutions that will save you time and money, based on our vast experience in geospatial projects and the combination of a team with experience in a variety of fields.


At GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd, we understand the need for Location Based Intelligence in planning, decision making and performance measurement. Through our extensive experience we have the ability to assess project requirements and develop a tailor made solution in line with client expectations. Solutions are grouped based on industry types. New innovative solutions are continuously being developed to fulfil emerging requirements. Contact us for more information on how to use geospatial data for your field of operation


Field boundaries
Field boundary polygons describe the smallest unit of cultivation practices for agriculture. These polygons provide the area (hectare) and location for each agricultural field, and are the smallest denominator for agricultural information layers or crop production surveys.

Cultivation type analysis
The cultivation type analysis data set provides a summary on the type of agricultural fields and the area in hectares for each type.
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Land suitability
Land suitability data for new agricultural development provides information to select the optimal terrain for crop production. Factors such as drainage, topography, soils, rainfall and natural vegetation are considered to identify the appropriate landscape for specific crop types.

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