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GEOTERRAIMAGE is a privately owned company, which has been providing geographical information services and products to a wide range of public and commercial sectors in support of business intelligence and planning decisions since 1999. Typical clients have included Telecoms organisations, Banks, Agricultural institutions, Municipalities, Commercial organisations, NGO’s, Environmental institutions and national and provincial Government Departments.


GEOTERRAIMAGE operates as an independent entity and as well as a partner of choice for collaborative work, using our unique skills and capabilities in various projects and applications, to empower clients to make informed decisions. The company is based in Pretoria, South Africa, but operates throughout Africa and internationally. GEOTERRAIMAGE has perfected the scientific art of extracting information from geo-spatial data and images – unleashing the power of imagery to improve business intelligence!

Strategic Partnerships

GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd has developed relationships with industry leading companies to ensure that clients have access to the widest range of services and products required for their unique applications. This includes strategic partnerships with industry leaders such as SiQ, TomTom Africa, Airbus Group, AfricaScope, and PulaWarona Spatial & Agric Services cc.


TomTom Africa is the premium source of global mapping, traffic and geospatial data. We provide businesses and governments with innovative LBS technologies for seamless integration into location based applications. We are
your trusted location content partner to reach operational excellence.


PulaWarona Spatial and Agric Services cc

PulaWarona Spatial and Agri Services

When projects require a multidisciplinary approach or team, GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd has teamed up with companies such as MHP GeoSpace, SiQ, Ask Africa, i@Consult, AfricaScope, Wetlands Consulting Services and the Agricultural Research Council (Institute for Soils, Climate and Water) to offer a complete suite of services or products.

GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd has also established reseller agreements with complimentary data provides such as MetroGIS, AfricaScope, Spatial Technologies, Spatial Insights and MapIT.


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