GEOTERRAIMAGE is a privately owned company, which has been providing geographical information services and products to a wide range of public and commercial sectors in support of business intelligence and planning decisions since 1999. Typical clients have included Telecoms organisations, Banks, Agricultural institutions, Municipalities, Commercial organisations, NGO’s, Environmental institutions and national and provincial Government Departments.


GEOTERRAIMAGE operates as an independent entity and as well as a partner of choice for collaborative work, using our unique skills and capabilities in various projects and applications, to empower clients to make informed decisions. The company is based in Pretoria, South Africa, but operates throughout Africa and internationally. GEOTERRAIMAGE has perfected the scientific art of extracting information from geo-spatial data and images – unleashing the power of imagery to improve business intelligence!

Company Profile

GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd is an independent company, composed of a dynamic group of dedicated and skilled professionals in remote sensing, image processing, image interpretation and related geo-spatial technologies. Since the establishment of GEOTERRAIMAGE in 1999, it has grown to become one of the leading Geospatial Information Providers in Southern Africa. Being in this position, GEOTERRAIMAGE is able to provide fully integrated geo-spatial information products.

Specialization: GEOTERRAIMAGE specializes in the analysis of satellite and airborne imagery, which is used in combination with a variety of complementary data sources and techniques, to characterise any landscape (urban and non-urban) as a spatial solution tool for complex planning & monitoring processes. Image interpretation experience gained in a diversity of national, regional and international projects, has afforded the GEOTERRAIMAGE team a unique skills por tfolio, unequalled in Sub-Saharan Africa, and on par with the best in Europe and America.

Partnering: A growing feature of the GEOTERRAIMAGE business model entails partnering with other organisations to leverage complex skills compliments to collaborate on a multidisciplinary level. The Company has been the partner of choice, in many projects requiring geographic image and data analysis, with both public and private sector organizations, both nationally and internationally.

Business Model: GEOTERRAIMAGE’s business model is based on a combination of providing customised professional services as well as off-the-shelf digital data products. Products are designed to provide GIS data analysts as well as Commercial Data users with accurate, value-adding data to integrate into their daily decision making processes.

Specialists: GEOTERRAIMAGE is a specialist team of technical professionals, dedicated to develop quality, value-added products. The company is strategically aligned with business partners that compliment and ensure turn-key products and services.

Quality: GEOTERRAIMAGE utilises a range of best practice, industry standard, image processing and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) software, including ERDAS, eCognition and ArcGIS. Combined with other complementary tools, this comprehensive range of geo-spatial mapping, modelling and classification capabilities ensure quality analysis and product output. GEOTERRAIMAGE is in the process of obtaining ISO9001 Management System Accreditation.

Directors: SL Ferreira, P Sevenhuysen, MW Thompson.

Company Registration No: 1999/11006/07

Documentation: Act 2/2000 Access to information of GEOTERRA Image

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