GEOTERRAIMAGE is a privately owned company, which has been providing geographical information services and products to a wide range of public and commercial sectors in support of business intelligence and planning decisions since 1999. Typical clients have included Telecoms organisations, Banks, Agricultural institutions, Municipalities, Commercial organisations, NGO’s, Environmental institutions and national and provincial Government Departments.


GEOTERRAIMAGE operates as an independent entity and as well as a partner of choice for collaborative work, using our unique skills and capabilities in various projects and applications, to empower clients to make informed decisions. The company is based in Pretoria, South Africa, but operates throughout Africa and internationally. GEOTERRAIMAGE has perfected the scientific art of extracting information from geo-spatial data and images – unleashing the power of imagery to improve business intelligence!

BBBEE Status

In line with the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DST) legislation regarding Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment (BBBEE), GEOTERRAIMAGE (Pty) Ltd (GTI) has taken proactive and decisive actions to both comply with these requirements and actively support their wider objectives and goals. After the 2012 review, GTI has again been awarded a Level 2 BBBEE Contributor status. GTI has also set up an agreement for Enterprise Development in 2009 with PulaWarona for ongoing support. In 2011 GTI implemented a bursary scheme for post-graduate students studying geo-spatial technologies.

In support of broader BBBEE objectives, GTI provides several gratis services to the geospatial community and educational establishments, including student mentorship roles, external examiner roles and specifically in relation to the University of Fort Hare, training programmes and lectures, annual internships and student bursaries. A copy of GTI's BBBEE certificate is available on request.

GTI BBBEE Certificate 2016-2017
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2015-2016
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2014-2015
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2013-2014
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2012-2013
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2011-2012
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2010-2011
GTI BBBEE Certificate 2009-2010


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