Business Products

Improving your business intelligence through
the power of geospatial information


Business Smart
Business Smart allows you to analyse your current and prospective business markets as well as visualise your business potential in terms of new developments, market entry, target market analysis and business sustainability.
Survey Sampler
Survey Sampler allows you to select random representative sample points to visit, according to specified field survey criteria.
Lifestyle Index
Neighbourhood Lifestyle Index is an income based indicator classifying areas according to various lifestyle characteristics.


Tower Metrics
Tower Metrics enable users to analyze and quantify information within tower footprints by comparing existing tower site locations and evaluating proposed sites through the analysis of traditional demographics as well as daytime population.


Crop Estimates
Crop Area Estimates provides a National, Provincial or District level summary on the type of crops and the area in hectares for each crop type.
Geo Farmer
The GeoFarmer solution supports the agricultural industry providing monthly information to decision makers about regional climatic conditions, detailed crop growth information and current crop growth stages.


Land Dynamics
Characterization of the landscape is a key requirement for many environmental features and resource assessment studies. Land cover maps identify these characteristics and quantifies drivers of change over time. This allows decision makers the ability to apply spatial intelligence to analyse natural features in support of decision making.

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